Cloudera CDP 7 中不支持的Hive 3 的功能


Cloudera 7中的Hive不支持的接口和功能:

Unsupported Interfaces

Hcat CLI
Hive CLI (replaced by Beeline)
Hive View
LLAP (available in CDP Public Cloud only)
MapReduce execution engine (replaced by Tez)
S3 (available in CDP Public Cloud only)
Spark execution engine (replaced by Tez)
Spark thrift server
Spark and Hive tables interoperate using the Hive Warehouse Connector.

SQL Standard Authorization
Tez View

 Unsupported Features:

does not support the following features that were available in HDP and CDH platforms:

CREATE TABLE that specifies a managed table location
Do not use the LOCATION clause to create a managed table. Hive assigns a default location in the warehouse to managed tables.

Hive builds and stores indexes in ORC or Parquet within the main table, instead of a different table, automatically. Set hive.optimize.index.filter to enable use (not recommended--use materialized views instead). Existing indexes are preserved and migrated in Parquet or ORC to CDP during upgrade.



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