Cloudera CDH 常见的版本
Apache ComponentsApache Arrow0.    
Apache Atlas2.  
Apache Calcite1.    
Apache Avro1.
Apache Flume
Apache Hadoop
 (Includes YARN and HDFS)
Apache HBase2.
Apache Hive3.1.30003.1.30003.1.30003.1.3003.
Apache Impala3.
Apache Kafka2. 
Apache Knox1.   
Apache Kudu1.
Apache Livy0. 0.5.0 
Apache MapReduce3.
Apache Ozone0.  
Apache Oozie5.
Apache ORC1.  
Apache Parquet1.10.991.10.991.10.991.10.991.10.991.
Apache Phoenix5.  
Apache Ranger2.  
Apache Solr8.
Apache Spark2.
Apache Sqoop1.
Apache superset0.   
Apache Tez0.  
Apache Zeppelin0.   
Apache ZooKeeper3.
 Apache Sentry
Apache Pig
Aapache Mahout      0.9.0
Apache Crunch      0.11.0
Apache DataFu      1.1.0
Apache sqoop2      1.99.5
Apache Whirr      0.9.0
Other ComponentsCruise Control2.0.1002.0.1002.0.922.0.100   
Data Analytics Studio1.  
GCS Connector1.    
Hue4. 4.3.0 
Schema Registry0.    
Streams Messaging Manager2.   
Streams Replication Manager1.   
Connectors and
 Encryption Components
HBase connectors1.    
Hive Meta Store (HMS)    
Hive on Tez1.    
Hive Warehouse Connector1.  
Spark Atlas Connector0.    
Spark Schema Registry1.    
ClouderaCloudera search
Kite SDK
llama      1.0.0


New Features & Capabilities


Cloudera Enterprise 6.3.3 now supports running on RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.7 and CentOS 7.7
Cloudera Manager provides new tuning options to increase the scalability of monitoring services for 
large CDH deployments

Important Note About Installation


Beginning with Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 and CDH 6.3.3, downloading the software will require a valid Cloudera 
Enterprise license file and/or a username and password obtained from Cloudera.  All Cloudera Manager package, CDH parcel and 
CDH package repositories now require authentication with valid credentials to access
any version labeled 6.3.3 or higher.
 If you have a valid Cloudera Enterprise or CDP license key, you can generate the download credentials on the 
CDH download page.  For more information on using these credentials, see the documentation below.

Important Note About Cloudera Express


Beginning with release 6.3.3, Cloudera Express has been discontinued and is no longer available. Upgrades to 
Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 or CDH 6.3.3 and higher are not supported while running Cloudera Express.  A valid Cloudera
 Enterprise or CDP license must be in place before upgrading to Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 
or 7.x, or the upgrade will
 not be completed. This also applies to trial installations of Cloudera Enterprise and CDP Data Center.


Downgrading from Cloudera Enterprise to Cloudera Express is also no longer supported in Cloudera Manager 6.3.3 and 
later. An expired Cloudera Enterprise or CDP license, or an expired trial license will disable the Cloudera Manager
 UI until a valid Cloudera Enterprise or CDP  license key is provided.


从Cloudera Manager6.3.3和CDH6.3.3开始,下载软件将需要有效的Cloudera Enterprise许可证文件或从Cloudera获取的
所有的Cloudera Manager安装包,CDH Parcel和CDH的安装包的存储仓库现在都需要使用有效的凭证进行身份验证,才能访问
如果您具有有效的Cloudera Enterprise或CDP许可证密钥,则可以在CDH下载页面上生成下载凭证。


从CDH6.3.3开始,将不再提供免费版(Cloudera Express)。如果你现在使用的是CDH免费版,将不支持升级到Cloudera Manager
在升级到Cloudera Manager6.3.3或7.x之前,必须具备有效的Cloudera Enterprise或CDP许可证,否则升级将无法完成。
如果你使用的是CDH或CDP Data Center的60天试用版本,如果你需要升级到6.3.3或更高版本,也需要具备有效的许可证。





在CDP data center 7版本,则只保留了一个最新的private cloud版本供大家下载试用60天。




CDH6 和CM6:





Apache NiFi


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